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Evolve School of Clinical Hypnosis has its own established in-house supervision service that offers graduating diploma students ongoing supervision and support. We also welcome all professional therapists looking for professional supervision. We believe that the diversity of experience, skill and knowledge, shared in a professional and mutually respectful manner is not only essential but fundamental for both personal and professional growth.


We are aware of the importance of having virtual teams especially as we spend so much time working alone. Support from peers is essential to remain focused, motivated, as well as develop further skill and knowledge. At Evolve we nurture all your initial training, hard work and experience and offer you a safe, confidential forum to grow professionally.


Peer Support

This is for therapists who choose to meet up to support each other in their developing roles to share experiences. The therapists generally have the same levels of experience and are there to use each other as a general support network. Peer support is not be considered as a suitable replacement for professional supervision.

Reasons for Supervisions

  • Supports Developing Skills

  • Develops and Promotes Best Practice

  • Empowers The Therapist

  • Improves Quality of Work

  • Motivates and Increase Work Satisfaction

  • Builds Effective Relationships

  • Encourages Networking

  • Creates a Virtual Team Around the Lone Therapist

  • Enhances Overall Professional Development


Group Supervision

This is where a group of therapists of varying levels meet for support in their development by reflecting their caseload, pooling knowledge, skills and experience. Attending group supervision can lead to faster and more effective problem solving for individual therapists and reduce the need for more one to one sessions. Group Supervision is led by a group facilitator with working therapy experience and supervision experience and training.

One to One Supervision

One to one supervision is the forum for therapists to bring individual professional concerns as well as discuss any ongoing cases that are more complex and which require support. One to one supervision is also an opportunity for therapists to reflect on their own clinical and professional development and how they want to move forward in your practice. More importantly one to one supervision is also a place for therapists to access emotional support for their own wellbeing 


Group Supervision Dates 2020