Angela Glasgow Principal and Trainer tells us all about Evolve...


With years of experience providing training in both the public and private sector, Angela is the Principal and lead course tutor for Evolve Hypnotherapy. Angela runs a thriving practice in Huddersfield West Yorkshire. She works with advanced integrated therapies that she has developed to help her clients to find full, lasting resolution. Angela is also an acknowledged supervisor with the GHR and holds Senior Practitioner level.



Where did the idea for Evolve Hypnotherapy come from?

After being a trainer for quite some years I felt that there was room for improvement within the training and ongoing development of hypnotherapists. I wanted to create a fully comprehensive school programme for students coming into the profession and encompassing all further supervision and development requirements needed for therapists to advance into successful confident practitioners.

Our school really is a one-stop shop for growing and developing therapists.

Celia has 23 years teaching and extensive school pastoral senior leadership experience. She is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner and has set up her own practice in Leeds. Celia writes and delivers CPD courses for Evolve and also advises on the school’s short and long-term planning. 


Angela Glasgow - Principal and Lead Trainer

Celia Goodson - School Support
Advisor and CPD Trainer